Reduce stress and increase productivity
with the Better Conversations course.

The Better Conversations course was developed for our technology company to facilitate communication both within and between our teams. That's why we understand the damage that conflict, misunderstandings and frustrations can have on productivity and profitability. They get in the way of being a happy, focused and effective business. We found an approach that worked. And now we want to share it with you.

Our experience showed us that the solution to better conversations had to be practical and simple, otherwise it just wouldn’t be effective. Here are a few of the things you’ll take away from your time with us:

Key benefits

Stop conflict and communication breakdowns before they start

  • Notice yourself and others making assumptions, and discover the hidden gold in everyday discussions

  • Explore the 3 basic positions we take in any conflict, understand how that impacts on conversations and their outcome.

Eliminate frustrating conversations

  • You'll learn the 3-part secret to tough conversations which can bring harmony to even the most difficult situations

  • Find the little things that make a huge impact on conversations and understand the quickest, simplest and most pain free way of improving your communication and by implication your quality of life.

Deal with distraction and act with purpose

  • Discover the key to being a great listener and communicator and why how we’re feeling affects how we communicate and think, with some simple techniques to help you be at your best in every conversation.

  • Gain powerful tools you can use every day to combat poor listening and communication, conflict, frustrating meetings, to make life smoother and more connected.

What To Expect

5 modules

1 hour sessions

Course materials provided

Flexible attendance

Rebookable & repeatable

Inclusive, accessible & friendly

Take the next step toward ending your conversation headaches

Join from the comfort of your home or office, the course is delivered over the Internet.

The course is delivered in 5 modules of 60 minutes which you should find inclusive, accessible and friendly. Choose from an on-demand video version of the course or the live interactive option. For the live course, you can book onto any of our available slots and move your booking whenever you need to, so it fits with your schedule and other priorities.


Sessions are a mixture of instruction and practice, and  you’ll notice the time passes quickly! Supplementary course materials and bite-sized practical "fieldwork" activities between modules support your new skills and  learning consolidation.

You need a computer, a headset or headphones and a microphone, and an Internet connection. We recommend you join us from a quiet place where you have privacy and no distractions.


Learning to question my own assumptions was really valuable, as was learning to really understand what's going on in a situation before you start to make judgments about who might be right or wrong.


MD, Material Handling Equipment


All the insights I gained were startlingly unexpected and so simple. I could put them into practice straight away

MD, Business Services


The way the course was organised, I quite quickly felt open, confident and able to share experiences with people.

Wholesale Business Development Manager, Healthcare


Some of the questions we learned were brilliant. They were so powerful but so simple, it was easy to add them to my toolbox. I can use them as easily with the kids as with colleagues.

Technical Programme Manager, Financial Services

Free Guide: 8 Tips For Better Conversations

Try out these simple tips that you can implement today and start seeing the impact they can have on your ability to communicate more effectively with others.

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