Why Don’t Traditional Communication Solutions Work?

Communication difficulties are normal in business and it’s important to recognise the issues so that you can move towards a solution. According to our recent survey, many businesses are doing that, with 92.5% of the high-level staff we asked, telling us that they are actively looking for solutions. But many of these solutions aren’t working. 

It’s time to identify where they’re failing and why traditional communication solutions aren’t working anymore for modern business.


The Communication Solutions Used

From our survey, it was clear that if a business can recognise its downfalls when it came to communication solutions, then it was more likely to want to resolve them. 82% of people we asked said that resolving their communication issues was either very important or critically important to resolve. In fact, many had already tried to resolve their issues, asking for advice from a variety of sources:

  • 56% asked peers for advice 
  • 41% went to their own HR department
  • And 55% admitted to looking online for their communication solution

What’s clear from these statistics is that most businesses look internally for solutions rather than exploring outside. This will naturally limit their scope and impede their ability to find solutions that work for the business and its employees.

Our survey highlighted a range of different communication solution methods that were suggested, including:

  • 45% said they used Consultants
  • 36% implemented methods from books
  • 37% took advantage of public courses
  • And 42% utilised private training from a third party

While the range of methods used was plentiful, 46% said that the solutions were hard to implement, while 39% commented that they weren’t practical enough. What’s clear, is that the methods recommended to organisations weren’t getting the desired results. A fact which is further cemented when 31% of respondents explained that the communication solutions they had tried, told them what to do, but now how to do it in practice.


So, Why Don’t Traditional Communication Solutions Work?

The realisation of all of this then leads you down to the question of why? Why don’t traditional communication solutions work? The answer is quite simple.

The Better Conversations course is simple enough to be used in any situation by any individual as it aims to get to the heart of the issues, rather than just papering over the cracks. 

Issues like conflict, distraction, poor listening and less than satisfactory productivity can all be addressed by having better conversations, better listening and a better environment to talk.

It all begins by starting a conversation in the right frame of mind and our Better Conversations course can help you to fix traditional communication problems with a personalised approach that pinpoints where you need help and gives you the tools to overcome it.


Have Better Conversations in the Workplace

The Better Conversations course will help you to have better conversations from the ground up, giving your business and its employees, strong foundations for better two-way communication throughout the company.

The course is perfect for a business looking for modern solutions and highlights how to stop conflict, minimise distractions, teaches how to handle tough conversations and also lets you in on the secrets of how to be a great listener.

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