We're not your typical trainers and consultants.

We're business professionals just like you who have faced the same team communication challenges that you have. The only difference is that we've found a way to deal with them. Quickly, effectively and simply.

We've all had experiences that we know you'll relate to. We know from our research that they are rife in businesses across the globe. So much so that sometimes they feel like an inescapable fact of life. But we know that change is possible and that's what inspired us to build this course.

Simon Coles


Better Conversations grew from Simon's need to have clearer communications both within his team and with customers. More than two decades ago, he came across a fledgling approach that was being used in groups that enabled communications to happen more effectively with less drama and he took this approach into the heart of his startup technology company.

Today that IT company is a stable mature enterprise and its success is built on the principles of having Better Conversations everyday.

Mathew Cooke

Corporate Client Management

Mathew has extensive experience in sales and operations, making him the ideal partner for businesses looking to arrange training for groups. Whether you're looking to train a team, a department or an organisation, he'll help you achieve this with minimal effort.

He's also responsible for coordinating continuous training programmes, ensuring new starters at an organisation get enrolled on the course as part of their onboarding.

Our Facilitators

Global Team, Standardised Delivery

We’ve established and continue to expand a network of expert facilitators across the globe, to enable the maximum flexibility in delivery times for Better Conversations. Each of our facilitators is trained to deliver the course exactly how we intended it to be delivered, which ensures you get consistency in course quality.

If you’re an experienced trainer who understands the importance of consistent delivery and is interested in joining our team, please get in touch.

Customer Care

Global Team

At Amphora Solutions, we consider customer care to be everyone's responsibility no matter what their official role.
If you reach out to us, one of our team will be in touch as soon as they can. You can be assured that they will do everything in their power to help you.

What our participants have to say


Learning to question my own assumptions was really valuable, as was learning to really understand what's going on in a situation before you start to make judgments about who might be right or wrong.


MD, Material Handling Equipment


All the insights I gained were startlingly unexpected and so simple. I could put them into practice straight away

MD, Business Services


The way the course was organised, I quite quickly felt open, confident and able to share experiences with people.

Wholesale Business Development Manager, Healthcare


Some of the questions we learned were brilliant. They were so powerful but so simple, it was easy to add them to my toolbox. I can use them as easily with the kids as with colleagues.

Technical Programme Manager, Financial Services
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