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Our experience showed us that the solution to better conversations had to be practical and simple, otherwise it just wouldn’t be effective.

  • The Best Methods To Evaluate Training Effectiveness
    Training is a vital part of the development of people, without it, a business can never hope to grow and expand into new markets or directions.
  • The role emotion plays in workplace conversations
    They say that it takes two to tango and when it’s come to a conversation, it’s clear that it’s a phrase that fits the description perfectly.
  • How to begin a conversation the right way
    Whether the conversation you’re about to have is relaxed, unexpected or difficult, it’s important to begin in the right way. If you can, leading a conversation with the end goal in mind is important, and particularly helpful if it’s a tricky conversation. So, how do you do that?
  • The Power of Listening
    It can’t be understated just how important it is to listen. In fact, at times, being silent and not saying a word can be more impactful for a conversation than talking.
  • Why Don’t Traditional Communication Solutions Work?
    Communication difficulties are normal in business and it’s important to recognise the issues so that you can move towards a solution. According to our recent survey, many businesses are doing that, with 92.5% of the high-level staff we asked, telling us that they are actively looking for solutions. But many of these solutions aren’t working.
  • What are the most common issues in communication and what are their impact on businesses?
    Being able to connect, contribute and collaborate for business helps us to move forward. All of this, and so much more, is achieved through clear and concise communication that, if we’re honest, we often take for granted.
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