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What and who is the course for?

Better Conversations is suited to anyone or any team that wants to free themselves from the confines of poor communication. If you’re ever faced with frustration, confusion, conflict or conversations that fail to achieve their objectives, we can help. We developed Better Conversations for people in the business world who need to work with others to perform well in their roles, but you’ll find the benefits apply just as well in your personal life.

Why does it work?

Back in 1999, we discovered Clean Language, a therapeutic approach created by the late David Grove, and further developed by Caitlin Walker. We were the first company to apply it to business. It is that approach that we still employ to support all our communication today. It’s so simple and easy to use, literally anyone can do it. And in Better Conversations we don’t just tell you what to do, you actually practice doing it using real world examples.

What does it consist of?

5 x 1 hour modules


The course is delivered in 5 modules lasting one hour each. They’re a mixture of instruction and practical exercises, so you’ll notice the time passes really quickly! You’ll also be able to contact us between sessions with any questions you might have and put what you’ve learned to work with some practical “fieldwork” in between sessions, if you’d like.


You need a computer, a headset or headphones and a microphone, and an Internet connection. We recommend you join us from a quiet place where you have privacy and no distractions.

Module 1

State: How do your thoughts and feelings affect your conversations?

Our thoughts and feelings - what we call "state" - can have a huge impact on conversations. In this module we’ll work through a simple model to help you understand your state. By the end of the hour you’ll be able to identify, name, communicate your state clearly and realise the impact that it has on conversations before they even start.

Module 2

Assumptions: What are you making up when you are in a conversation?

The human brain is an incredible thing. The level of detail it can invent in the absence of, or sometimes even in spite of evidence is staggering. In this module you’ll become aware of assumptions you and others may unconsciously be making and explore their potential impact on your communications.

Module 3

Context: What’s driving you in a conversation?

Although we may not realise it, we all bring our personal history, emotions, expectations and more into our communications. You will understand what drives you in your conversations and how you impact your communications.

Module 4

Listening with Curiosity: How can you influence a conversation?

Language is incredibly powerful and used right, it can dial back difficult situations and allow you to communicate in a really effective way. Discover how a few simple questions combined with a new way of listening can instantly diffuse conflict and get to the heart of any issue without emotions and assumptions muddying the water.

Module 5

Preparing for Better Conversations: What will make a conversation go well for you?

In this module we’ll bring our full Better Conversations toolkit together and practice putting it into action so you’re comfortable using the new techniques you have at your disposal so you start using and benefiting from them immediately. This is also a great time to address any remaining questions you might have.

Flexible Scheduling

When you choose to sign up you'll be able to choose from a variety of start dates and time-zone friendly times. Or contact us if you want to schedule a program for your own team or group.

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